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Construction All cabinets are custom crafted, using 3/4 plywood for maximum stability and endurance, by Northwest Woodworkers,¬†in Kent, Washington. Heavy Duty Strap Handle. Overall Length 250mm.¬†Maximum a 50 kg. STACLOC’ Corners Heavy Duty Corner Protectors Heavy Duty Bar Handle A


  SPLIT LORD, SHORTSTACK, COMBO, BASS CUBE Musiclord, as an amplified music products manufacturer, strives to produce durable products, with excellent sound quality, that range in size and appearance. Hand made cabinets and amps with custom coverings are our specialty.


  CUSTOM 50 WATT TUBE AMP The power amp section, of the Muisclord custom 50 watt tube amp, delivers over 50 watts RMS before clipping. Designed for Rock Hard power. Optimized for maximum bottom and top end at full output.