All cabinets are custom crafted, using 3/4 plywood for maximum stability and endurance, by Northwest Woodworkers, in Kent, Washington.


Heavy Duty Strap Handle.
Overall Length 250mm. Maximum a 50 kg.

STACLOC’ Corners
Heavy Duty Corner Protectors

Heavy Duty Bar Handle
A sturdy design for use in the most demanding conditions, where strength coupled with an airtight seal is desirable. Size 119 x 221mm.
Recessed Pocket Handle
An adaptable handle which can be used in a variety of situations. Size 48 x 105mm.

Have the sound you want
with your choice of Celestion, EV, Gauss, JBL, McCauley, or Sammi.


Custom Coverings
A wide selection of vinyl and non-vinyl coverings to enhance your look.

Socket Recess Cup
Designed to allow maximum protection to an inserted jack plug. Depth 30mm.

Heavy Duty Castors
Optional, for easy movement of the larger cabinet stacks.