Thank you for stopping by the Musiclord website. Musiclord has been earning a quality reputation for building amplifiers and speaker cabinets since Glen Huttenlocker started the Seattle Company in 1984. Musiclord has been growing steadily and is now distributed throughout the world.

Whatever style of music you play, from Country to Jazz, Rock to Heavy Metal, Musiclord is able to make a product that looks great and sounds the way you want it to.

As an amplifier and speaker-cabinet manufacturer, Musiclord’s main objective is to produce a product with the most efficiency, durability, and sound quality that is still affordable to the musician.


“The Choice is yours!” Top performers are making Musiclord the brand of choice among professional musicians! Try a Musiclord product at your dealer today, and make the choice too.

Glen Huttenlocker,
President of Musiclord